Sauna Slaughter in San Diego

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked & ???

You wake up, and it's completely dark. You're lying down on a metal slab, and your wrists and ankles are in shackles. You cry for help, but your voice echoes back at you. Oh God, have you been buried alive?!

Lights come on, and you realize you're in a tanning booth. Great, just what you needed on the hottest day of the year, you think sarcastically before remembering that you've been kidnapped and raped by a psychopath! You strain at your shackles, but to no avail! You break out into a sweat all over your body, as much from fear and panic as from the heat of the tanning lamps. The tanning booth gets hotter and hotter, and you're sweating even more. The heat is becoming unbearable, and you writhe in anguish.

Suddenly you smell something burning, and you realize it's you! The tanning booth is roasting you alive - literally! Your screams for help become howls of agony as your skin blisters from the intense heat! You can feel the glass panels beneath you starting to crack as the heat warps the inside of the tanning booth!

Sparks suddenly fly, and the inside of the tanning booth is engulfed in flames! You scream even more frantically as the flames eat away at you. It's a slow, painful way to go, and it's almost a relief when you finally perish from the flames, screaming with your last breath.


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